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Special Offers for all iPhone’s screen replacement

  1. Special Mesure for Social distance are applied please disinfect your phone using alcohol and remove the case before bring it in.
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  4. Also special prices during this covid19 pandemic.

iPhone 7 Premium quality screen $70 Now, regular is $135

iPhone 8 Premium quality screen $85 regular is $185.

iPhone 6s   $74.99 regular is $115.

iPhone 6 Premium quality screen $64.99 regular is $95.

iPhone 5/5s/Se/C  $55 regular is $85.

iPhone 7Plus    $85 regular is $145

iPhone 6Plus Premium quality screen $75 regular is $115

iPhone 6sPlus Premium quality screen $80 regular is $125

iPhone 8Plus Premium quality screen $95 regular is $155

New!!!!!! Special for iPhone 11/11pro/ 11 promax Samsung S10e/S10/S10plus screen replacement…please call for a quotation.

iPhone x oled screen repair is $175 now

iPhone Xr oled screen repair is $155 now





 We Repair All Samsung A series ( A10, A20, A50, A70…etc)

We Repair All iPads (7th….2 generation)

We Repair All Huawei, Lg, phones

All Repairs come with 90 Days Labor warrant


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unlock my iPhone if I forgot the passcode?

If you have forgotten your iPhone password you have only six attempts to try. At the sixth wrong attempt, the phone is locked forever. At this point if you do not have a backup it is impossible to recover what it contains. At this point the only thing you need to do is delete its contents to delete the password. Need a hand? Come to our repair store !

how to repair water damaged iphone

Remove iPhone from water as soon as possible; even a few seconds can change the fate of your smartphone. Disconnect the headphones, charger, USB cables or other accessories. Immediately switch off the device by pressing and holding the on / off button until it turns off. Remove any type of case, protective cover or bumper. Dry the iPhone externally using a cloth (t-shirts, socks, everything that is at hand) or with absorbent material. Then bring us your devices!

How do I fix my iPhone if it will not turn on, turn off, or wake up?

Sometimes even the iPhone can cause problems, no longer turn on or no longer charge the battery remaining dead or off, with black screen or with the apple icon!

Fortunately it is always possible to restore the iPhone to its default settings or, in the most serious cases, to reinstall the entire iOS operating system to clear any possible problem (and also to remove any jailbreak)! Bring us your iPhone quickly!

How can I start to troubleshoot any problem with my iPhone?

It is really not recommended to try to solve the failures that can occur on your iPhone or your smartphone. You could indeed damage your devices as a result of improper handling! If your smartphone is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer or dealer. If your device is out of warranty bring us your device, we will arrange to repair it quickly!

Why does my iPhone run out of power so quickly? How can I conserve battery life?

There could be several reasons behind it. One of the most common causes is faulty hardware or accessories. If, for example, you use an old cable that does not work properly, this may interrupt charging the phone. Bring us our smartphone for repair. We can establish a quick diagnosis and make sure that the problem is quickly repaired

How can I unlock my iPhone 5 if I forgot the passcode?

When that happens, all you need to do is completely delete the data from your phone and this is another headache. Unless you have created backups, there are no other problems, but otherwise, it basically sums up the feeling of losing everything. That’s why having iTunes and iCloud backups is a big advantage. We can help you install iCloud and iTunes backups on your iPhone! 

Special offer for all Phones repair